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We create and implement online platforms, applications, internal systems, and MVPs on the market.
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Mobile Development

Web Development

Software for e-mobility


Product design (UX/UI)

Communication with devices

(IoT, Industry 4.0)

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Case studies

What we did?

Central System for Charging Points Operator with OCCP

API Integration & new ERP for iBox

Prototype of an affiliate network for

Advanced parking system with integration with charging stations


What technologies do we use?

Companies that use these technologies

Clients' words

What do our clients say about us?

Wizcode has the most creative team
Szymon Szyszko
CEO at Data Cubed CE
Wizcode is the leader in simplicity and quality
Daniel Wyrzykowski
Wizcode is a customer-centric company
Piotr Olesiński
Wizcode is a reliable partner
Rafał Antolak
V-ce CEO

Our Recruitment Process

Why TOP 1.26%?

Based on average
44% pass
Team Work
Knowledge of English and soft skills are a crucial stage for us. We focus on how the candidate discusses the problem and explains the target and alternative solutions.
19% pass
Technical Skills
We thoroughly check the necessary skills for a specific position using dedicated recruitment tasks and discussing solutions.
6.4% pass
Code Simplicity
During this stage, the programmer is evaluated based on the simplicity and readability of their code. This phase focuses on how clearly and efficiently their solutions are written.
1.26% hired
We regularly train our team on the latest technologies and tools that expedite daily communication. Each member receives access to premium tools to facilitate their work.

Our values

Why is it worth
working with us?

IT Expert on demand
Depending on your needs, you can freely control the demand for any specialists without generating unnecessary team downtime.
We prepare a minimum maintenance hours to loweryour fixed costs and efficiently deliver necessary updates.
Regular demo meetings
We organize regular meetings where we present progress in your project, ensuring transparency and alignment with the envisioned goals.
You can set any interval for such meetings that suits your needs.
We simplify solutions
We prioritize simplicity and clarity of application views to ensure that end users can easily use our products.

We simplify the software architecture to ensure maximum stability of the application and its rapid development in the future.
Helicopter View
We view software as part of a whole, with marketing and sales being the other components.
We tailor the architecture and views of the application to complex marketing strategies and analytical tools that enhance project success.

Free expert session

Talk to an expert about your project

Jakub Szcześniak
CEO | Business & Tech Consultant
During free expert session:
You will find out the approximate price of your project
You will get to know alternative solutions
You will learn the next steps you need to take to build the software
You can ask any question
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